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Davóg Rynne - Talk to Me

There are musicians who maybe living away from their native land for a long time but you can always feel their roots in their work. Irishman Davóg Rynne who has been living in France for many years, is one of them. Born into one of Ireland's most renowned musical families.There was always music in the Rynne house...Planxty made their first album in the basement of their home, Christy Moore, Barry Moore, Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Paul Brady, Matt Molloy, The Chieftans etc. were a constant in the stream of people who used to party, play tunes and sing songs in the house. So we could say music is certainly in Davóg's blood.

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Nathalie King - Break Away (single)

Nathalie King is a singer/songwriter from Germany with French and Vietnamese roots who also lives in Toronto, Canada. She is an award-winning artist who has been writing songs with powerful themes such as lost love, regret or abuse which captivate her audience.

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Niall Connolly - Dream Your Way Out of This One

There are artists who have been on the music scene for long time and you get the impression they have been here forever. Niall Connolly is one of them. Originally from Cork, Ireland, he is one of the most hard working musicians you will ever meet. As incredible as it sounds, Dream Your Way Out of This One is his 8th album in 16 years. But this collection of songs is as fresh as ever.

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Art Block - Eliza (single)

Each and every one of us have surely been in love at some point in our lives. Whether the love is happy or unrequited, it's always there. That could be the message of a new single by Art Block, a songwriter from east London whose influences include the likes of Jeff Buckley or Thom Yorke.

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Silked & Stained – Love On The Road

Silked & Stained is a hard rock band from Athens, Greece formed in late 2013. Most recent achievements were the 3rd place award at Warfield Competition organized by Metal Hammer Magazine Greece and Remedy live Club as well as playing live along big names such as Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart), Wild Rose, Hell in The Club, Outloud and George Gakis and many others  as opening acts, getting very good reviews in the process. 2016 found them at CFN recording studio recording their debut album with Dion Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels, Foray Between Ocean) as a producer, mixing and mastering engineer.

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Brice Sedgwick - Venice (EP)

Australian Brice Sedgwick has already gained attention and critical acclaim with his debut album Pacifico where he really showed himself as an artist of a serious talent and bright future. Now he's back with new EP called Venice. Sedgwick's style is hard to categorize - which is a good thing and it has something to do with originality and uniqueness which is something every songwriter is looking for.

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Padraig Lalor - Light Up

Belfast singer/songwriter Padraig Lalor and his album Light Up tell stories of exile, share local history and bring a little peace to the chaotic world of 21st century. The artist himself says he wanted to tell stories that show what it was like growing up in the troubled city of Belfast. We don't hear that many songs with such personal touch about these times so that's where Lalor's work definitely catches listener's attention.

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Marc Kavanagh - Find A Way (single)

Marc Kavanagh is a singer/songwriter from Dublin who has had a passion for music and songwriting since he was 16 years old. A self-taught guitarist and singer,

Kavanagh's music is inspired by the music of David Bowie, U2, Pink Floyd and Chris Cornell. His debut album As We Rise And Fall is due to release in March 2018.

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Kieran Mulvihill - From the Outside Looking In (EP)

Kieran Mulvihill is a solo artist from county Kerry. His songs aim to shed the light on things that make us unique, bring us together, tear us apart and keep us sane. He captivates the audience with his emotive lyrics and storytelling. Kieran supported acts like Glen Hansard, Damien Dempsey and has been gigging around the Dublin circuit for the past two years either solo or with the band.

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Brice Sedgwick - Pacifico

How often do you come across a debut album that surprises you in the best way possible? Something that makes you think the artist has it all? This is the case of Brice Sedqwick's album Pacifico.

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