Music from the Heart

Rowlette - Cucumber & Ice (single)

Rowlette is an indie-pop artist, hailing from Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. As a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, she is known for her powerful vocals, inspirational lyrics and captivating performances. Rowlette’s releases have received radio play on stations across the country, and racked up tens of thousands of plays on Spotify. Well known on the Irish live scene, Rowlette performed a packed-out headliner in Crowbar last Autumn. She then proceeded to join Jack L on his latest tour, performing in venues across the country, including a solo set in Cork Opera House on New Years Eve. Cucumber & Ice follows the previously released live recording for Coffee Hill Sessions with Shane Steven.

Catchy upbeat melody goes well together with Rowlette's seductive vocal.The song has a nice club vibe, perfect for a late night party on a hot summer night. Easy to listen to, this could well be a summer anthem. Even the title suggests having good time at a party.  This uplifting style suits Rowlette way more than any attempts of a serious song eventhough with her vocal range she is more than capable of both. Can you imagine the energy flying out from a live performance of a track like that?


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