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ADT - Volume One

Following his two previously released  critically acclaimed singles, ADT (Alan Daniel Tobin) finally brings his debut album out. He writes stories of the heart wrapped in atmospheric soundscapes. He is also a member of Irish band LOWmountain. His debut solo album  - Volume I  - is produced by multi-instrumentalist,  Justin Grounds. This album proves that good things come to those who wait - ADT had the idea of making a solo album in his head for a long time. He succesfully  launched the album by doing an online gig as a part of Clonakilty International Guitar festival.

The influence of the family in notable throughout ADT's work. You can feel all the emotions and everything in the opening track of the album, You are the air. The line "you are the air that I breathe today" speaks for itself and tells us that love is the most important thing one can have and nothing can replace that. There is a powerful moment where a child is talking about the future choice of profession.Tender and joyful.

Even The Sun Don't Shine on Lonely Hearts in Shadow was released a while ago as ADT's debut single. Haunting arrangement only certifies the fascination with the sea and lighthouses. Don't you imagine a lonely lighthouse on a stormy night while listening to the beautifully evocative strings accompanied by the beats that add a bit of darkness?

Our Walls are Paper Thin differs from the rest of the album, the vocal sounds more electric and takes the song to a different level but the atmospheric vibe stays.

Love Lost on the Streets of New York shows all the influences including the hints of musical heroes. Haunting arrangement invites the spirits in. So don't be surprised if you hear something (or someone)  in the backround...

My Constant Light in the Night Sky is a love song which ADT wrote for his wife. The sentiments are clear but not overexpressed. The strings highlight the emotions.

" to find the sun behind the cloud" hints the bright side of life again and asks the listener to try and seek the positive side of things because life is better that way. And perhaps too short to worry and constantly wait for something.

Consequences of Breaking the Heart  expresses all the shades of love, Once again, the simple arrangement fits perfectly the theme.

Never Ever Throw Your Back on Love gently concludes the album. The feelings shine through, strong sense of love and gratitude for having somebody by your side who will always be with you, no matter what. There's a sense of hope and overall positive outcome that everything that's thrown at you is better when you've got somebody to share it with.

It seems to hard to believe this is the debut album of an artist who has seen a lot in the industry.  An emotional rollercoaster with the honesty pouring out of every note.  We don't make charts of any kind but if we did Volume One would be a strong contender for an Album of the Year.

Front cover painted by: Aidan O'Regan


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