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Pete Kavanagh - To Hold The Red Rose (single)

Pete Kavanagh is a singer-songwriter, a musician and storyteller from Co. Kildare,Ireland.  His style is best described as contemporary folk. His sound invokes the vintage quality of his musical influences (Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, David Bowie), but a contemporary feel that is unique to him surges through it. n 1996, Pete met vocalist Pamela Halpin at a songwriters’ session in Newbridge,Co. Kildare. The duo moved to Galway in 1997 and collaborated under the moniker ‘Tongue’. Tongue was featured on two compilation albums released by Galway label Origin Records, produced by Jon Richards of Galway Bay FM, which featured artists including Ultan Conlon, Kirsten Hersh, Dean Friedman and The Devlins. Tongue performed numerous live shows in Galway and Kildare before moving to Edinburgh, supporting acts such as Juliet Turner, Scullion, Martin Stephenson and Luka Bloom. In the Spring of 2019, Pete began recording his debut album, Join up the Dots, at Arthouse Studios in Naas. The album is set to be released on November 18th 2020.

To Hold the Red Rose is the first single from the forthcoming album. Gospel-ish sound highlighted by the piano, gives a sense of nostalgia, hidden sadness. Kavanagh's deep vocal couldn't fit better for such song. The female backing vocal softens everything a little bit but the powerful impact remains.

The red rose often symbolizes affection, remembrance. This song was born from a loss but it's the story of survival. The darkness turned into something brighter. Reminds you of Nick Cave who does exactly the same. Turning tragedy into triumph.

The single featured on RTÉ Radio 1 Watchlist.

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