Music from the Heart

Dan Cross - Paingiver (single)

Dan Cross (lead guitarist in the influential Fire Records band The Perfect Disaster) is a South London based guitarist and songwriter. Best known for his dark and intricate songwriting. He constructs his songs from the observation of human nature, politics, carelessness and hope. Dan Cross has a captivating sensual sound with reminiscences of Mark Everrett, Nick Drake and Neil Young.

His latest single Paingiver is a little bit more radical than his previous releases in terms of the instrumentation and how the song is put together. But the content is not that different, politics appear frequently in Cross'songs. Rather spoken than sung, the lyrics express anger over current head of The White House and where he's leading not only the whole country but the world as such with his behaviour. Dan Cross is pretty direct with his expression, lines such as "I've Seen My Hands  Turn From Fists Of Rage Into Claws And Back Again" or " He’s Like A Great White Shark Circling Our Lives  And Were All In The Water More Dead Than Alive" speak for itself.

You may ask why a UK artist picks a topic like that? The answer is simple. Dan Cross lived in California as a kid and he's been watching the situation in the USA ever since, with more and more horror as he says. He considers his current single a wake up call for people to realize the danger that seems to be far away at the moment but can get near them faster than they think.

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