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Keith O'Connell - Sacrifices (single)

Dublin-born singer-songwriter Keith O'Connell began performing at the age of seven. He played the piano, and released his debut album Genetic Lottery in 2016. Last year he released a powerful single The Mirror of My Soul.

According to Keith O'Connell, his latest single Sacrifices will resonate with creative people of all kinds. The song talks about everything artists face doing what they do - money, dedication, sacrifices, doubts, self belief, late nights, rejection, persistence and fears.

Dramatic piano intro sets the tone for the entire song. The opening lyrics " to do what you love you gotta make sacrifices...." summ it up perfectly. The song goes on to say that a regular job might eventually cause you loose your mind. Isn't this something resonating strongly with all the creators? Being an artist is a job like any other and even more, it's not just what these peopple do, it's who they are. Ask any artist you want but they will all tell you the same thing: they wouldn't trade it for anything. Even if that means uncertainty, letting people go and gaining others, everything's part of the process.

O'Connell's vocal is confident and convincing at the same time, you believe everything he says and be sure he knows what he's talking about.


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