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Nousom Knots - Horizons (single)

Horizons is a new single by a mystery Dublin singer/songwriter known as Nousom Knots. Trained in both classical music and jazz, he established a solid groundwork in solo live performance by gigging throughout Ireland and in Paris, France over the last couple of years.

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Iann Brennan - Keep The Tape Rolling (EP)

This is a debut EP from Dublin singer/songwriter Iann Brennan who has been writing songs and performing from a young age. Playing in many bands through the years, he has built up an experience that shows itself when you see him live. Iann has gone from being nominated for Best Irish New-Comer Award by Pure M Magazine to supporting legends such as Aslan, Mary Coughlan, Dick Valentine, Kíla and Declan O’Rourke.

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Jamie McDonald & The Number Nein - Maladies of Country and Soul

We all know Ireland is a well containing diverse talents. There are some we are familiar with, others are less known although they deserve wider audience. This is the case of Jamie McDonald, a singer/songwriter from Carlow who has lived in Spain, Bulgaria and now he's back on the home soil. Jamie sings with such a contagious passion and energy that would even awake the dead, as they say.

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Davie Furey - Secret light (single)

Davie Furey has already been nominated as best singer/songwriter by the Acoustic Yard Radio Show for 2016 and Best Newcomer 2016 by Pure M Magazine and nominated again for Best Male Artist 2017. His knack for telling a story through song and his ability to engage a crowd have won him support slots with the likes of Damien Dempsey, Josh Ritter, John Spillane and Luka Bloom.

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Aaron J. Burke - Could It Be (single)

Aaron J. Burke is aspiring songwriter from Kildare who started playing music at a young age. He draws influences from various musicians, and harbours a love for rock music, having grown up on a diet of Pink Floyd, U2, Simple Minds, then in his teens heavy metal. In his early twenties, Burke moved into playing more stripped back and acoustic music.

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Kíla - Alive Beo

Described as contemporary Irish folk/world music group, Kíla  has taken Irish traditional music to a new level. The energy from their gigs stays with you for a long time. You can relive the atmosphere with their latest album Alive Beo which is a live album that captures the best of the band.

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Liam Oragh - The Arguments Against Insanity

New album by Dublin based storyteller Liam Oragh contains songs about madness, love, life, getting older. Oragh's style can be described as electro-acoustic alternative, semi-gothic, whatever the listener imagines behind that.

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Conor O'Sullivan - The Inbetween

Do you want an example of an album that flows smoothly like water in the river? Then Conor O'Sullivan is your man. A talented songwriter and lyricist telling us stories hard to forget. Stories of sadness and experience of life lived.

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Interference - The Sweet Spot

Centered around singer/songwriter, artist Fergus O'Farrell, Interference have been on the music scene for more than three decades and have influenced many artists in Ireland and beyond. O'Farrell sadly passed away last February but his music and legacy live on.

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