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Vickers Vimy - Atlas Of Hearts

Hailing from Mayo, on the Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, Vickers Vimy craft songs that dwell on the borders of Folk and Americana. Rich eclectic sounds anchor lyrical themes of scratched vinyl nights and hazy Sunday mornings. Their second album “Atlas of Hearts” was released in March  2018, making the Rte Radio One recommends list, with the two singles ‘Keep your eye on the road’ and ‘Mermaid Of Luna Park’ being playlisted.Vickers Vimy have collaborated with Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames & Swell Season) and had the pleasure of recording in the studio of Nick Seymour (Crowded House). Vickers Vimy have had the amazing fortune to support the late John Martyn. They have supported The Hothouse Flowers, The 4 Of Us, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Mundy. They have shared the RTÉ Music Train with Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Kodaline, and Jack L.In a landscape that can truly rattle your bones and inspire your dreams Vickers Vimy continue to document in song the wonders of the Wild Atlantic. 

Opening track Bonfire of Dantes has an unmistakable vibe strongly influenced by Spain, you can hear flamenco elements  in the song, the music makes you feel the warm sunshine and taste the wild temperament.

Chicago changes the mood into more serious and the fiddle only wakes up those emotions still hidden somewhere deep inside.

It seems Vickers Vimy take us on the journey on this album. We're in Budapest before we know it. Beautiful piano ballad, the lead vocalist wailing and certain sorrow hanging in the air. Not too heavily, just as something that's always been there and you simply accept it as it is. These songs leave an impact on a listener anyway.

There is a catchy guitar riff and steady drum feature in Peg and Hammer. The track seems to be more optimistic overall than most on the album.

There is probably no other track that tries to capture the Wild Atlantic Way feel more than A Quiet Bow. You can hear the waves hitting the shore, feel the breeze, enjoy the untamed landscape. Vickers Vimy admit it themselves that the nature simply  "pushes your pen around the page urging you to capture it in words and song..."

There have been numerous discussions about the meaning of Irish folk song even before this album came out. One thing is for sure - the discussions will continue but Vickers Vimy will survive them all because you can't simply put them in one box. They bring the breath of fresh air that makes music so exciting.  And timeless.


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