Music from the Heart

Brendan Monaghan - Unbroken

County Down songwriter Brendan Monaghan performs his material at home and in many different countries around the world. He shared the same bill as many top international artists and has written material for several recording artists. He has released eight albums to date. The themes on his latest release, Unbroken, cover feelings like love, faith, belief one's self and nostalgia. These songs were mainly written while travelling to shows between city to city, country to country.

The title track, Unbroken, is a well-crafted love story. There is certain sadness hidden behind the lines but exactly what life is - a combination of joyful and tearful moments. Right from the first lines  it's clear that Monaghan is a man of faith. Always a great thing when a musician puts his heart and soul into his art.

Darkest Hour is a gentle piano ballad, the accordion only adds to the sentiment.The overall sound reminds us of a gospel.

" ...Even when everything's wrong, hold your head up so high...God he knows you, he helps pull you through even in your darkest hour.."

Love you till the end starts with the enchanting whistle and that certainly leaves no doubt about Monaghan's origin. Another beautifully crafted song, full of emotions,every listener can relate to the story, each of us have been in love at some point in our lives.

What deserves an attention besides the lyrics is the vocal delivery. Every word is sung carefully, paid attention to so the listener doesn't miss anything and gets the whole meaning and the whole story. Not every singer is capable of such thing and those who are deserve to be praised.

The more songs we listen to the stronger gets our feeling that Brendan Monaghan must have been born with the guitar. Skilled musician and singer than can serve as an example for the younger generation. Someone who can sing any genre with ease. An authentic troubadour in his own right.

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