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Peter Richardson - Then & Now (EP)

Peter Richardson is a 23-year old singer/songwriter from Dublin. An avid songwriter since the age of 15, Peter grew up surrounded by music. After testing the waters with his original songs at a college open mic, Peter began properly recording his music at home in the summer of 2020. A few months later in October he released his debut single, “The End of The World”, an indie folk ballad filled with choral vocals and stirring, apocalyptic lyrics and instrumentation.

Peter’s dramatic acoustic sound draws from a wide range of influences, drawing on the poeticism and varied sounds of artists such as Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Hozier, Lorde and Ben Howard among countless others. Peter also draws influence from great Irish folk singer/songwriters, such as Paul Brady and Declan O’Rourke

Villain is the central track of Peter Richardson’s debut EP, ‘Then & Now’. Brought to life by prolific Cork producer Cian Sweeney (1000 Beasts), ‘Villain’, is an ambitious, menacing departure from the largely acoustic, uplifting folk worlds of ‘Pray’ and ‘The Coast’. It is by far the biggest and boldest track on the EP, exploring a much darker, more brooding aspect of his sound which in stark contrast to his earlier works, is laced with an anger magnificently brought to bear through the lyricism and production.

The collapse of love is rarely black and white. Amongst the roiling wreck of broken love the world shrinks around us and we see only strongly defined certainties. The broken trust, the longing, the unrequited, perhaps unwanted love. It’s easier to see a cold-blooded killer- a cursed shade of the person we once loved, stripped of all goodness and humanity. We often unload our pain this way, contorting every idea we ever had of them because our hearts cannot take the reality that our love died. It is far more gentle on ourselves to believe it was purposefully killed by a cruel Villain, a monster. Beautifully realized with haunting backing vocals and crushing emotion, this dramatic track serves as a cathartic release of pain and anger, with each cutting lyric and bold verse building to a final, emphatic conclusion. 

There's darkness but also simplicity in the guitar arrangement of Never Enough. Some people may compare the vibe of the track to David Keenan. In fact, this might not be that far from the truth as Richarson has a similar poetry in his lyrics.

Pray is a haunting track, released as the first taste of the EP, we previously reviewed it here. Vivid imagery in the lyrics combined with the simple instrumentation create a powerful effect on a listener.

The Coast is a chilled out track where Richardson's guitar and voice dominate, the voice is floating above the melody, just what the melody tries to project.  Richardson isn't affraid to let the emotions come into play if necessary. The strings add a haunting emotional element to the already somber track.

On this EP Richardson shows his maturity both as a singer and as a writer. A strong start for the gifted artist.

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