Music from the Heart

Andrew Patterson - Upon The Shore (single)

The Belfast singer/songwriter has had an extremely busy year since the release of his second EP, “Out Of Babylon” in January 2019. From career defining gigs supporting Peter McVeigh at a sold out show in the Sunflower, an evening of support for Tony Villiers in Eastside Arts to the Forest Songwriter stage at Dalriada Festival- Andrew can be found honing his craft and shining the light of song in every performance, with passion and a love of storytelling. "Upon The Shore" is his latest single.

It might seem like a little departure from his usual style, yet it maintains the usual characteristics of Patterson's writing - it's an honest , gentle, slightly romantic piece where the emotions are pouring out. The outwordly vocal of Laura McKee lifts the song to new heights and takes it in the new direction. This is the first time Patterson wrote something that features a shared vocal harmony but it sounds like a step in the right direction, like it was meant to be.

Those familiar with Patterson's music surely recognize the viola, played by Dave McConnell, who featured on Andrew Patterson's Christmas release last year Something in December. The style is unique and recognizable like a fingerprint.

This song took longer than most of other releases by the Belfast songster but the time and hard work put into surely paid off. Everything resulted in an emotionally layered track where you keep uncovering more and more as the story moves forward. The tinkles of the piano evoke falling snow and it creates well-crafted imagery for the listener.

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