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Andrew Patterson - Something in December (single)

Andrew Patterson is a singer/songwriter from Belfast. Influenced by the likes of Glen Hansard, Foy Vance or Bruce Springsteen, he writes honest songs about hope, love and loss built upon everyday experiences and dreams. He has made appearances at the Belfast Nashville and Portstewart songwriter's festivals and in March 2016 released his debut EP  "Pave The Road".

Something in December is his first Christmas single, written at a time when he was living in Dublin. The song captures the Christmas vibe and the time of the year where all the feelings are getting stronger. The violin only adds another layer of emotions.

We can clearly identify the singer's origin in the line "I can't wait till I see those lights of Belfast when I come home on Christmas Eve..."

The unmistakable atmosphere of Dublin at Christmas can be felt in

" ....I took myself to Grafton street

 And there the music it can fill my heart with gladness

The purest songs and melodies...."

This song has everything we ask for in a Christmas song -  gentle melody, joy and sadness at once, playing with listener's imagination (you almost see the snow falling while you dive in the song). 

"Something in December makes those worries disappear, we learn to see the other joys instead..."

 Andrew Patterson  is due to release a new EP in early 2019.

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