Music from the Heart

Zach James Douglas - Something /Anything (single)

Zach James Douglas is an indie/alternative producer, hailing from the South Dublin suburb of Tallaght, but brought up by a pint of Guinness and a packet of crisps in any number of city centre dive bars. Having previously had the pleasure of playing festivals such as Glastonbury and Electric Picnic with former band “Little One”, Douglas now steps out alone for the first time, with his debut EP “6x3”. With musical elements reminiscent of Sylvan Esso, Grimes, Maribou State, and The Knife, "6x3" is a six track EP, featuring three guest vocalists and is the first of a trilogy of EP's -"6x3", "4x2" and "2x1", which are all due for release in coming 12 months.

Within "6x3", Douglas documents the rebuilding process of his personal psyche, after suffering a visceral rejection from someone who he loved deeply. It looks introspectively at the mental and psychological changes that occur within the receiver of such rejection and how these changes are processed and eventually accepted, while also extrovertly asking the question - what sort of person would be capable of dispensing such abuse and how will this ultimately affect them going forward?

Zach James Douglas proves that sometimes you do not have to know all angles of the music (writing, playing, singing, performing, producing, etc), sometimes you just need to know the right people. The debut track is a dreamy composition taking us far away from current craziness, an escape to an imaginary world where we are not limited by anything and absolutely anything is possible. These dreamy sounds are good for the soul.

"You can bend with me for a time,
to fulfill a forced concession,
to mask the underlying question,
you mustn't feel for me like before"


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