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Zach James Douglas - Anyone Else (single)

Zach James Douglas is an indie/alternative producer, hailing from the South Dublin suburb of Tallaght, but brought up by a pint of Guinness and a packet of crisps in any number of city centre dive bars. Having previously had the pleasure of playing festivals such as Glastonbury and Electric Picnic with former band “Little One”, Douglas now steps out alone for the first time, with his debut EP “6x3”. With musical elements reminiscent of Sylvan Esso, Grimes, Maribou State, and The Knife, "6x3" is a six track EP, featuring three guest vocalists and is the first of a trilogy of EP's - "6x3", "4x2" and "2x1", which are all due for release in coming 12 months.

With the promise of three EP’s to deliver upon, and the much anticipated return of live music on the horizon, 2021 is set to be an exciting year for Zach James Douglas, even if the first half
of it will most likely be enjoyed through his aging laptop screen, while sitting at his parent’s kitchen table.

This is what Douglas had to say about his latest release: " In “Anyone Else”  I consider the unexpected feeling of self shame that ensues once you have been broken up with. It is a retrospective comparison of the sentiment felt by both parties in the aftermath, with a focus on the bitterness and resentment that I had to deal with. This resentment is not, as some may presume, towards her new partner, but instead is directed towards how seamless the transition was for her. It describes my struggle to come to terms with how quickly she was capable of moving on and meeting someone new, while to this day, I still struggle to engage in a conversation with a woman without feeling an insurmountable sense of guilt, shame
and sadness"

First few seconds of Anyone Else are hard and heavy like a proper indie rock song before the atmospheric element comes in. These two are intertwined on this track, creating unique sound. Experimental, soul soothing, the spoken word part adds another layer of meaning. The arrangement sounds quite haunting at times, making the listener go back and listen again.

"But to think of you and feel so numb,
to be subdued to all that’s come before,
until there’s nothing more,"

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