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Yard of Blondes - Do You Need More (single)

When Vincent Jacob met Fanny Hill and founded Yard of Blondes, none of them imagined the journey their band would take them on. Both French, they met in Venice, California, back in 2010. It took them a week to play their first show in LA and a few months to get on the road. In 2012 they decided to become a full rock band and recorded a heavier EP Murderology at Firewater Studios in Gardena, California. They had no idea that the studio owner is New York hardcore legend and Biohazard's founder, Billy Graziadei.

In 2014 French national Tv France 4 broadcasted a 60-minute documentary about the band and the same year Billy Graziadei founded their EP in his studio and contacted them to work on new material.A year later, they recorded the first song together but there had been many obstacles in the way in the next while so the 14-track album was finished after 3 long years. By January 2019 the whole process became a joke among their friends and started to be called Yard of Blondes's Chine Democracy, after a costly record that took Guns'n'Roses 10 years to be made and released. The process of looking for a label began. The irst single of the album came in the fall of 2019, second single followed in winter 2020.

In April 2020, the band finally got noticed and signed with the labels Die Laughing Records (California) and Golden Robots (Australia).

"Do You Need More" is the third single from their forthcoming album "Feed the Moon", expected to be released in early 2021.  It starts like a proper rock classic, with sharp guitar riffs and the drumbeat leading the way. The electric guitar is an essential element here as well, showcasing some tasty solos.The vocals are loud and cutting to the core as you would expect. The female vocal brings a breath of fresh air and seduces the listener in a way like a temptress, luring the prey into her web.

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