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Wild Rose - Half Past Midnight (Re-Issue 2018)

Wild Rose is a band from Greece that has been on the scene since 2004. After two years of trying different line-ups the band was finally shaped in the line-up that's there till today. Their debut album Half Past Midnight finally saw the light in 2011 to much critical acclaim. With four albums to date, their debut album gets re-issued in 2018.

The album opens with an instrumental piece with strong guitar riffs and drums slowly adding the speed.

Whether it's intentional or not, the overall sound of That Girl brings up the image of the films from the 90's and you think this song would be a perfect soundtrack to the moment when the hero is gathering the strength to fight the bad guy and celebrate victory afterwards, possibly with the love of his life. You get a similar feeling - the good has won and the bad has been defeated - while listening to Fire In The Night.  It makes you think these songs are timeless.

Everyone has a different perception of music. Some pay attention to lyrics, some are more into melodies. In the case of Wild Rose, the melodies are so strong and catchy that even those who prefer more complicated lyrics aren't complaining that sometimes they're listening to really simple lines - for example " kiss me, hold me, this night was made for me and you " in Hold Me or "i want you back, I'm so lost without you baby" in Want You Back.

The lead vocalist George Bitzios surely knows how to transmit emotions to the listener. His vocal is honest and passionate and we can see a clear example in Goodbye. The song just smells nostalgic and we can hear the sadness in the singer's voice. It makes you wish to be able to turn back the time and do the things you didn't or say the things you didn't manage to say.

This album presents a collection of memorable songs and it's almost impossible to remain unaffected by their power.

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