Music from the Heart

Vox Deluxe - Right In Front Of You (single)

Vox Deluxe are a UK (Kent) based vocal group, featuring two former members of the now defunct band KRY. Pat Reilly and David Reilly are both vocalists and multi instrumentalists. Vox Deluxe are currently recording their debut album. Right In Front Of You is their second single.
Beautiful fusion of jazz and soul, the song has a catchy rhytm and simple lyrics easy to follow and easy to sing along after even a first listen. However, what gets the instant attention, are the vocals. The listener might not be expecting something like this and they maybe pleasantly surprised like we were. You can't help but think of gospels when you hear the nicely blended vocals on this track. The delivery is passionate, confident yet determined to pass on the message. As it should be to get a reception. You have to put everything you've got into the performance. The piano accompaniement is perfectly chosen. The message in the song is encouraging the listener to go and achieve whatever they have in mind, it is not far away but you still have to something in order to achieve your goals.

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