Music from the Heart

Vox Deluxe - Just a Little (single)

Vox Deluxe are a UK (Kent) based vocal group, featuring two former members of the now defunct band KRY. Pat Reilly and David Reilly are both vocalists and multi instrumentalists. Vox Deluxe are currently recording their debut album. The new single Just a Little follows their previous release Right in front of you.

The track has nice chilled out atmosphere, the lyrics are positive, spreading the good vibes all around. The melody is a mix between soul and jazz and it fits the overall mood. The vocal adds a warmth to the track. Lyrically, the song is simple, passing the feel-good message to the listener. A few lines, nothing too complicated yet the pleasant feeling remains. Even the melody is capable of warming a soul. We encourage you to put this song on if you need to feel better. Immediate effect guaranteed.

"sometimes it would be so nice if I could just surprise myself again"

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