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Vincent Galvin- Firstfruits

Operating in the background as a lead guitarist was where Vincent Galvin always felt most content, and certainly most confident as a teenager practising in a garage in West London, getting ready to take on the venues of Soho and Camden. Within a few years he had played in some prestigious venues such as the London Astoria, the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, featured on Sky News and gigged across the U.K & Ireland with some of the most influential people from 90’s British guitar music such as honorary 6th member of Oasis and Supersonic producer Mark Coyle.

Moving to Ireland in 2005 meant a bit of the same, playing as a session guitarist for many artists before being invited to join Cork band Neon Atlas, and eventually forming a power-trio called Echosoul as writer, lead singer and guitarist.  Firstfruits is Galvin's first album, accommodates a collection of new, old and unreleased songs through happy-go-lucky reflections and statements of thanksgiving.

Galvin immediately captures the listener with his soft warm vocal, heartfelt lyrics and musicianship. The mix of styles on the album is well-balanced and shows Galvin as a skilled artist feeling comfortable in both intimate and more upbeat numbers. Especially the latter are showing his vocal qualities in the entirety. The albums flows smoothly without any disturbance but if we were to pick a highlight, it would be 21 and Cloudy. There are interesting melodic ideas on the track, the chorus has the anthem-like feel and the song itself should be among those stadium classics very soon.

Leave That Matter has a darker aura about it. even Galvin's vocal is generally deeper than in the majority of the songs on the album.The song talks about searching for a direction in life, looking for guidance, mentioning that some find both in faith and in God.

"would you leave that matter to me, you've been enslaved to the past but I'm setting you free"

StandBy has that familiar sound of something you have heard before, the Oasis-esque essence, undeniable British influence.

Keep On Pedalling brings contrast between an upbeat melody and deep lyrics about the life worth living even with its hardships and obstacles in your way.

Something Good Going On closes the album on a slightly romantic note, the melody slows everything down focusing on the feelings and weighing the possibilities, figuring out the next move. The outlook is optimistic and hopeful. This is the most introspective number on this collection, a clever way to end the album.

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