Music from the Heart

Varlight - Stay (single)

Varlight are a two piece duo from Carlingford and Newry. Jason Varley and Dean Wright formed Varlight from the remains of the group “Dean and Chapter” in summer 2021. Hence the name VARL-IGHT. They play a mixture of EDM and electro pop. Although Varlight have been mainly studio based so far, there are plans for performances later this year. The “third” member of the Varlight team is Richard Osborn at Type 40 Creative who is responsible for the duo’s videos. They expect to be joined by Ian Harold on drums for the future performances.

Their song ‘Stay’ was written in the summer of 2022 and is a very cheerful and uplifting dance song. The video available on YouTube supports the theme greatly and is powerful and entertaining.

The melodic pop intro feels light, atmospheric, bright. The track has an electro pop feel, quite danceable in places. The vocals are clear, sounding distant with an echo in parts, creating an ear-catching piece.

The lyrics are simple yet impactful.

" It's gonna be OK

You're my only one

I'm still here for you"

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