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Ultan Conlon - There's A Waltz

Galway songwriter Ultan Conlon has become recognized as a master songwriter - his talent for capturing human spirit through his lyrics has been honed over almost two decades of writing and performing original material.  His songwriting foray resulted in four acclaimed albums recorded in a span of ten years. While still based in Galway, Ultan recently found a haven for his unique sound and sensibility in Los Angeles, CA with Nickel Creek’s Grammy Award-winning Sean Watkins producing his latest record, There’s A Waltz. Ultan Conlon has shared the stage with the likes of Jackson Browne, Shelby Lynne, John Fogerty, Mavis Staples, Bryan Ferry, John Grant, Eddi Reader, Patty Griffin and Richard Hawley, among others. Ultan has also performed duets with Glen Hansard and John Martyn, and Martyn recorded Ultan’s song “Really Gone” in 2005.  Many of Ultan’s lauded songs have received extensive airplay in Ireland (RTE Radio 1, Lyric FM) and the UK (BBC). RTE Radio 1, Marty Whelan (Lyric FM) and Eve Blair (BBC Radio Ulster) all deemed There’s a Waltz as their recommended Album of the Week.

Ultan chose a wonderful team of musicians to accompany him that includes Don Heffington on drums, Sebastian Steinburg playing bass and double bass, Tyler Chester on piano, Rich Hinman on pedal steel and Gabe Witcher on fiddle. We have to admit the fiddle is an immediate highlight for the listener, adding a beautiful soundscapes to Conlon's poetic lyrics. Ultan has already proved what's he's capable of but from the first chord of this album you feel this is something else.

The opener, The Long Mile, smells of whiskey and the good old south yet the lyrics and the sensations captured in them are almost touchable ("the winter was long and it got into my bones"). Aren't you subconciously shivering as you listen?

Don't Let Love Slip Away almost breaks your heart. Telling a story of a romance not meant to be, Ultan Conlon is asking the listener to give love a chance and do what you can to save the spark.

World from a Window is one of the most peaceful track you'll ever hear. Almost an out-of-body experience that may make you reflect on your own life.

Some albums have a concept, carrying stories or messages throughout and each song forms part of the journey. There's A Waltz doesn't belong there. Each song stands on its own and you would have a hard time picking out the highlight because there's something about every single one of them. As he's done before, Ultan Conlon takes you on a journey.

There's A Waltz is a fine work of art in the truest sense of the word. Intimate and powerful, this is Ultan Conlon at his best.

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