Music from the Heart

Tracy Bruen - Mirror

Tracy Bruen, Galway’s Original Solo Artist of the Year 2015 (Galway Advertiser) plays with a group of well known local musicians. Her music combines a mixture of indie folk with hints of blues. A multi-instrumentalist and classically trained singer, Tracy engages a wide vocal range to explore the elements of the voice as an instrument in her songs.

The musicians in her band come from from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, with each member bringing diversity and creativity to create a rich and interesting sound. and their sound is created with a combination of piano, guitars, ukulule, flute, drums, double bass, fiddle, banjo, synth, vocal harmonies and stories.

Tracy has a voice to remember, reaching incredible heights in a persuasive way that leave no doubts about her abilities. You can hear certain vulnerability in her voice that only adds to the atractivity and it makes you wanna hear more. She isn't forcing her voice to reach those heights, it's natural. Music runs deeply in Tracy's blood, both of her grandfathers played traditional music. She didn't know her paternal grandfather but plays his silver flute.
Mirror shows Tracy as a gifted singer of an enviable range that feels so natural. She puts everything in service of the songs. Her delivery can be passionate (Fall away) , with glimpse of sadness (Happy), sense of fun (Make Mama proud) or dramatic where the theatre influence is clear (Mirror and Into the woods). Superb debut albums that promises big things to come.

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