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Total Stranger - Total Stranger (Re-issue 2019)

Total Stranger is a band hailing from Canada and has released two albums to date, Total Stranger in 1997 and Obsession in 2002. Now,  they are re-releasing their debut album Total Stranger via Lions Pride Music.

Opening track Paradise starts with a guitar riff, catchy tune in general. The overall sound of this song sets the tone for the whole album. The 80's sound is undeniable. The lead singer has a voice perfectly suitable for the chosen genre.

Shy Away is a classic rock ballad which slows the tempo down and makes the emotions shine through. A great soundtrack to a date with your loved one.

The intro for Guardian sounds very familiar, reminds you of something you have heard before, just can't exactly figure out what it was. Another example of the fact the ballads suit this band much better than the upbeat tracks. "I was there in the beginning, I'll be there in the end...."

This album is full of strong riffs, good musical ideas, the theme of the songs is mostly love and relationships, breaking up or wanting to get back together.

Total Stranger is:

Al Langlade - lead vocals, guitar and keys

Andre Pelletier - lead guitar and backing vocals

Rolly Saulnier - bass guitar and backing vocals

Peter Martin - drums and percussion

Jamie Flynn - keys, guitar and backing vocals (Yesterday, Nothing'missin', Guardian)

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