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These kids know how to rock

There are bands that have been playing for years but you may not have a chance to come across them but there are others that have been playing for a short period of time but put themselves on the map. Young indie rock band Her English Blood certainly belongs to the second category. After playing just for a year they now released their debut album Only Breathing and the launch took place on April 18th in Prague. Irish singer/songwriter Glen Hansard was supposed to be a very special guest of the night.

Quite suprisingly many people arrived and the audience was quite international which contributed to the dynamic of the night. Glen Hansard is a long-time friend of Zoe, the singer and guitarist of the band so this also promised a very special experience.

Zdenek Bartak and Milan Kramarovic warmed up the audience. They sang in Czech but the lyrics were poetic and caught the attention of the listeners. Then the main act followed. Zoe maybe young but she's a mature writer and musician, full of energy and her voice is awesome. It might resemble someone else but she's got her own style, not copying anyone. Her bandmates are good musicians too and one might think they deserve to be known much more than they are but all is yet to come.

Around the middle of the concert, Zoe asked if anyone knew why they gathered there. "We're lauching a CD, right?" Glen Hansard was called on stage to perform the act of the launch and afterwards he played his song Her Mercy with the band. Paddy Hayter joined them later and contributed to the atmosphere that every musician would love to have at the launch of the first album.

And we can look forward to hearing more from these rising stars in the future!

Photo: Ivi Rebova (iviART)


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