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The Street Parade - Rabbit Hole (single)

The Street Parade are an indie band that hail from the midlands town of Portlaoise in Ireland.Their sound is a blend of solid drum and bass mixed with a wash of guitars and retro analogue synth sounds. Although the band are a new name on the scene, the quartet are no strangers to the music circuit having over 30 years gigging experience. All previous members had played and shared stages together throughout the years. Drummer Paul Flynn, bassist, Niall Harney and frontman Brian O’Mahoney had been playing together in a cover band called ‘The Wotnots’. They covered a mish-mash of classic tracks from bands such as The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers to David Bowie and The Doors.The last piece of the puzzle was Cormac (Basil) Bracken who wasn’t sure if his role was synth or guitar, so he did a bit of both. The Street Parade’s forthcoming album is journey of hope. Like the aperture of a camera, it’s described as letting light into darkness.

Their debut single Rabbit Hole could be seen as a classic rock number with memorable guitar riffs, clear and understandable vocals, powerful lyrics that get stuck in your head.  There is an nostalgic feel to the whole track, kind of retrospective and  also a warning that "this can happen to you too if when you consider it impossible" The steady rhytm leads us throughout the song yet doesn't overshadow the rest. The lyrics will spark a thought in your mind and will make you think about the meaning behind the words.

"Have you lost your mind
Were you led down a rabbit hole
You’ve crossed a line
You’ve passed the point of no return"

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