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The story of music - Shane Ó Fearghail

The world is full of music and you just can't be familiar with every artist there is. Sometimes you need a friend to recommend you someone whom they think you might like. So today's article is exactly about that. Tallaght songwriter Shane Ó Fearghail has been living in Vienna for some time now. And reason for that? The sweetest of them all - love.

A friend of mine from Vienna told me about him two years ago when his latest album They Might See Dolphins was just being released. I listened to a few tracks, didn't take me long purchasing the album. Ireland has a special place in my heart for long time - some of my friends say I had to live there in my past life, it can't be otherwise - and Shane's songs also found a way into my heart pretty quickly. An explanation? As simple as follows - Shane's songs are often inspired by Irish myths, legends and traditions. you can see for yourselves here

Faerie Tree

There is another thing closely connected with my aforementioned love for Ireland and that's my love for languages and Gaeilge in particular. Very beautiful but at the same time very difficult language even for the Irish themselves. Even though it's a compulsory subject in schools the language itself is spoken in few areas like Connemara or the Aran Islands. I'm fortunate to have friends who can speak the language fluently and Shane is one of them. And the songs sung as Gaeilge? There is something magical about them

Ná Bí Buartha

Why should you listen to Shane? His vocal is honest and you instantly believe every word he sings.  He's very friendly person with a constant smile on his face who can always create warm atmosphere at his gigs where you feel like being at a gathering of an extended family. Read here about Shane's homecoming gig held last December

Gael (Stand up and be counted)

Shane is a leading figure of the Vienna Songwriting Circle and also a co-founder of Schottenfest along with Stuart Neville (SCO) and Mark Peters (IRL/UK). More information about the festival here

I feel very honoured to call this man my friend, he's very encouraging and very supportive and I simply can't thank him enough for that. Go raibh míle maith agat mo chara!!

Photo: Alex Galler

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