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The side of Lasse Matthiessen you may not know

Lasse Matthiessen isn’t an unknown name for Czech audience anymore. He returned there for a few shows this March and brought a band with him which promised a different experience from solo shows. His Thursday stop was Brno where he played a year ago but in a different venue.

Czech songwriter Lucie Redlova supported him in Brno and she also booked all the shows of the current tour. She warmed up the audience with a few serious songs and others that weren’t that serious. She regularly goes to the Banat festival in Romania, a place where the largest Czech community lives. So she sang also one of the songs they sing there often.

Her set showed that even when you don't understand the lyrics - as there were foreigners in the audience - it doesn't matter. You either like the song or you don't.

The atmosphere was intimate with not so many people and more darkness than the light. But it suited the whole night.

More people arrived as time went on and as Lasse came on stage he even recognized some faces that went to his previous concerts. The audience had a chance to witness the unseen – Lasse danced during some of the songs. The energy just poured from the band. Lasse has a beautiful voice and when you hear him sing it makes you think he might not even need a mic. There were songs from his latest album Wildfires like the title track Wildfires, Falling, the encores Looking for a reason/Water and salt and Seven ravens which really captures the essence of Lasse’s voice.

The beauty of these songs consists in a fact that they get under your skin, light a fire in your soul.


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