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The Lost Messiahs - Browsfield (single)

The Lost Messiahs hail from Portlaoise in the midlands of Ireland. The band was formed by songwriter and guitar player Ollie Plunkett. There is a mystical spiritual connection in The Lost Messiahs music, from collaborations with monks to exploring the inner workings of the mind and the search for meaning. Rich production, meticulous songwriting, and immersive instrumentation give their music textured, atmospheric landscapes. They have been compared to the likes of The National, War on Drugs, and Mercury Rev. The Lost Messiahs are: James O’Connor (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Eamonn Duff (Bass), Martha Cummins (Drums), and Ollie Plunkett (Electric Guitar).

Along with critical press acclaim and nation-wide radio play, the band has played at festivals and venues all over Ireland including extensive gigging in 2022 that saw them at Electric Picnic, Crane Lane, and even the Midlands Prison. The band have released two critically acclaimed studio albums and several singles.

Their new single Browsfield, released ahead of their third full- length album, the song features radiant guitars and haunting vocals to create an ethereal soundscape. Though wistful, it drives steadily towards an anthemic climax.

The song was written about a field called Brownsfield that was across from guitarist Ollie’s childhood home. Though just an ordinary field, this blank landscape offered a young adolescent a canvas to create an imaginary world. Everyone has their own Brownsfield, their escape from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The song accompanies a music video which depicts the journey from childhood to adulthood, paralleled with a spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Subtle and sudden changes in shade create different moods, and the video moves in and out of these themes, from the present back to the past.

The intro has a dark and haunting feel about it. A hint of nostalgia hidden beneath. The catchy riff guides us throughout the song, the female voxal is the spark of light , lifting up the overall feel. The arrangement showcases their skilled musicianship and the ability to come up with a memorable melody. The song gradually increases its tempo from the mellow star to the intensity and speed near the end. And all fades away as the song ends.

"I was lost out in the field, I was holding on to hope,

I was searching  for salvation, I  was in my private world

And I escaped reality if only for a time

and I was lucky all the while I had God  on my side"

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