Music from the Heart

The Lost Gecko - Angel veins (single)

The Lost Gecko are a band hailing from Cork, Ireland, formed in 2006 by Scottish-born singer-songwriter Malcolm Urquhart. Having recorded 9 EPs, with cellist Elaine McCarthy and percussionist John O'Connor, The Lost Gecko have released a new album, 'Solasta', meaning 'Luminous' in Scots-Gael. Between Malcolm's soaring vocals, intense lyrics, vibrant guitar playing, Elaine's emotive cello lines and John's atmospheric and enriching use of percussion, The Lost Gecko's music is outside the box; an intricate weaving of sound, melody and rhythms with spontaneous bursts of exploratory improvisation.

Their  latest single  is called Angel Veins and it's safe to say it's the most atmospheric offering to date. It takes a little bit longer for this song to start but the waiting is certainly worth it. The acapella singing mixed with bird chirping and the sound of running water is pretty impressive.

The video carries a strong message that there is no better remedy for clearing your mind than getting out of the busy streets of the city, getting to nature, leave your worries behind and inmerse yourself into the beauty around you. Nothing else works like watching a beautiful landscape and listening to the birds singing. You'll feel recharged and re-energized after.

This song and its video create a treat for all your senses, not just ears and eyes.

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