Music from the Heart

The Grey Merchant - Mondegreen blue (single)

The Grey Merchant are a band from Blackrock, Cork, Ireland. They record, produce and release independent music. Their second album 'The Claude Glass' was released in February 2020. Now,  they are releasing ‘Mondegreen Blue’,  their latest single taken from a forthcoming EP due for release in early 2022. It is a rousing dynamic track about recovery and realising how far one has come from, moving on from a cinereal place.

Starting out loud and with all the energy the band has, this indie rock track gains a completely different feel when the voice comes in, more spoken than sung, adding meaning to what's said, more weight. The chorus hits the ears with full force, the music (some may call it noise) takes over and changes the entire mood of the piece. The verses calm everything down, the focus is drawn to reading between the lines.

"I love taking flight
Just one more time
Just this one more time
Now I'm further from the shore"

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