Music from the Heart

The Decades - Electricity (single)

The Decades are a four-piece band based in County Wicklow, Ireland. Keeping it all together on the drums is David Mulvey, backed up by Myles Keogh on the bass, driving the sound forward. Playing lead guitar for the group is Rhys Doyle, behind the rhythm guitar and powerful vocals of Seán Fox. The energetic young frontman (Séan Fox)  has opened for the likes of Aslan and Jerry Fish.

Their first single “Electricity” was recorded live, the old school way. Using live drums and tube amps, the energy of the band performing live together can be heard. It starts with bang!! and all the energy the musicians have in their bodies and souls. Seán Fox's vocal is dynamic, strong yet has the emotions too. Everything the frontman needs. Lyrically, the song talks about the chemistry and the sparks flying between a man and a woman when there's attraction. The band shows great potential right from the get go and you already wonder what's next. The first clue might be in reaching number 1 on iTunes in all genres which they have already achieved in remarkably short time.

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