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The Dead Irish - Four Corners of Hell (EP)

The Dead Irish [ "dead" as in 'very'] , trad/punk band was formed in Dublin city in summer 2021. They are Dave Linehan (Hooligan) on guitar & vocals, Danny Moffatt on guitar & mandolin, Eoin Page on bass & JP Dear Boy Moonie (The Outcasts)on  drums. The circle was completed when Rachel Lally joined on vocals. The Four Corners of Hell EP is named after a junction in Dublin's Liberties which was famous for having a pub on each corner and was legendary for its after closing hours rowdiness and punch ups.

The EP consists of 3 original songs together with an interpretation of the traditional standard, Morrisson's Jig. The opening of Lost in The City, is hard and heavy. The combination of punk rthytms and the Irish trad may seem odd but actually work very well. Even the story is somewhat familiar, like something you may have come across in the past. Catchy, enegetic, it's hard not to shake your bones to this.

Morrisson's Jig is a well known Irish trad piece. The approach The Dead Irish take is an interesting one without doubt but who's to say it cannot be done? The originality presents itself in taking the recognizable tune and make it your own. And this is exactly what they're doing here. And doing it well, doing it in style. You'll be jumping till there's energy left in you.

Ballad of The Working Man carries the impression the music cannot be played any faster nor louder. However, nothing is overdone, everything has its place and the reason to be there, the occasional saxophone spices the melody up in an intriguing way. Once again, the experimenting works, proving the tradionalists wrong.

No Blacks No Irish No Dogs bring in screaming guitars, the saxophone has a major role here and it all creates the standout track of the EP.  The lyrics are easy yet nail on the head and they will get into your head after the first listen and next time you'll find yourself singing along.

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