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Tanoki feat. Farah Elle - Let Go (single)

Kilkenny-based songwriter, producer, and visual artist Tanoki is set to release a new single “Let Go.” It is the second single from his upcoming debut album File New. The song is a co-write with singer/songwriter Farah Elle, with her adding piano and lyrics to Tanoki’s initial idea. With Tanoki’s signature blend of real and synthetic instruments, the song is intricate and dynamic, featuring experimental electro sounds and hypnotic vocals from Farah Elle. The song also features vocal samples from the Twilight Zone, adding to the mesmeric vibe.

“Let Go'' continues the thread that the upcoming album is based on, a commentary on the current state of technology and how it intersects with our lives. A song about perspective, Tanoki wants listeners to wonder what kind of lyrics or perspectives would come from a cyborg, robot, or half-sentient being. The song ponders, what around us and inside us is real life, and what is imaginary?

Farah says, “More than coming of age, the song is when you suddenly decide you want to live a life that's aligned with your values and what you believe in, based on what you see in the world.” She goes on to say, “The ‘senses are tingling’ line is when your empathy receptors are turned right up and you can really feel everything, and realizing the potential and power in that.”

Tanoki takes us on a psychedelic trip with the accompanying music video/visuals giving us a very twisted and skewed perspective on the ordinary. Shot and Directed by Tanoki himself, he says, “I love the idea of using technology to explore how different I can make the normal world around us look, in a way tapping into what AI and robots of the future are going to be making of our surroundings” The song was recorded and produced in Geppetto Studios, Tanoki’s home studio in Kilkenny.

Highly experimental and different from most of the things you hear these days, Let Go stands out. Farah Elle's ethereal vocal takes it to another level, to the outer space. You're taken on the journey outside your comfort zone, outside your mind. Prepare for the unexpected.

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