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Susan Quirke - To the Bone (single)

Susan Quirke is a singer. songwriter, musician, meditation teacher and also multi-award winning social enterpreneur for her work in the field of wellbeing and mental health. Originally from Oola in Co.Limerick, now based in Lahinch in the west coast of Ireland in Co.Clare, her music and meditation work have been featured on various national outlets in Ireland. She has performed and lead mass meditation experiences from the main stages of major Irish festivals such as Electric picnic and Body and Soul and for societal and cultural events like StandFor Truth where she lead meditation for 6000 people. She has released 4 singles to date and played venues throughout Ireland, US and Australia. Her latest single "To the Bone" comes from her debut album "Into the Sea", to be released on April 23rd 2021.

The single features some of Ireland's finest. Right as the song starts you can hear the remarkable violin of Colm Mac Con Iomaire, recognizable like a fingerprint. Colm Quearney's expertly played guitar and ear-catching riffs will get deep under your skin.

Susan Quirke's ethereal crystal clear vocal carries certain resemblance to the late Dolores O'Riordan, her lyrics being equally powerful. When you listen carefully you'll realize the theme fits perfectly with Quirke's dedication to mental health wellbeing. The song gives a lot of encouragement, highlighting the importance of the nature, not just for the body yet more importantly, for the heart and soul. This is evident as all four elements are given a significant meaning in the song. Earth to ground, water to purify, fire to alchemise and wind to cleanse. Important message on a soothing track that easies the anxiety and makes you appreciate life.

"Cause you’ve had a tough old time

I can see it from the lines on your face

But that’s okay, that’s okay

Cause you’re strong to the bone, to the bone"

Photo: Susie Conroy

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