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Susan Quirke - Into the Sea

Susan Quirke is a singer. songwriter, musician, meditation teacher and also multi-award winning social enterpreneur for her work in the field of wellbeing and mental health. Originally from Oola in Co.Limerick, now based in Lahinch in the west coast of Ireland in Co.Clare, her music and meditation work have been featured on various national outlets in Ireland. She has performed and lead mass meditation experiences from the main stages of major Irish festivals such as Electric picnic and Body and Soul and for societal and cultural events like StandFor Truth where she lead meditation for 6000 people. She has released 4 singles to date and played venues throughout Ireland, US and Australia. Into the Sea is her debut album.

Opening with Lemuria and one of the oldest healing sounds in the world, the waves, the listener immediately gets the perfect idea what's to come. Quirke's angelic vocal only adds to the peaceful vibe.

The Embrace could soon be a rock classic. Powerful lyrics and the catchiness that gets into your bones makes this song irresistible. Susan Quirke is not affraid to throw as much energy to a song as she can (or as much as the song asks for). Drums, played by the master that is Graham Hopkins (The Frames, Square Pegs) are the guiding force on this track.

I Like the Way is an ode to the relationship, to the marriage and to the man of singer's life. Another track showing a bit of rock side to Quirke's musical endeavours. And no doubt she's comfortable unleashing the wild streak. She can do pretty much anything from gentle intimate ballads to big stadium-like anthems.

To The Bone, previously released as one of the singles from the album, is an ideal number for current times. Encouraging the listener to maintain the positive attitude and mindset. How appropriate if you consider Susan also teaches meditation besides doing music. We all need to hear we're strong to the bone at times, no matter how tough we may be otherwise.

Hold On is beautifully embraced by the strings and the guitar. The words touch the soul (like everything on this collection) and the evocative arrangement may bring a tear or two. Everything is part of being a human being.

Home is a fitting closing track. A powerful ode to refugees and a reminder we're all equal in the end. Home doesn't have to be your native land exclusively. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. And where good people are.

The healing, sense of calm, connection with your inner self can be felt throughout the entire album. You simply cannot be stressed out when listening to these songs. True labour of love of a songwriter relentlessly pursuing her dream. Michael Flatley's quote "If you have a dream and you're willing to work for that dream, nothing is impossible" comes to mind.  The hard work pays off in the end. And is there anything better than having a tribe of like-minded souls involved with your project? Susan certainly gathered a dream team featuring the aforementioned Graham Hopkins on drums, Colm Mac Con Iomaire on violin, Colm Quearney on guitars, Justin Carroll on piano and Robbie Malone on bass.

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