Music from the Heart

Stripped - 2020 Vision (single)

Stripped were formed in 1998 in Northern Ireland, released many successful EPs and featured on many popular compilation albums. In 2012 they released a retrospective collection Out of My Head featuring best of the early recordings from 1998-2001. Since then they have released two further popular EPs My Fear of Heights and The Carnival EP and in 2018 produced two covers, David Bowie's Heroes and Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl. 2019 saw the release of Moving On album. And this year they're back with the latest single.

When we first received the song and saw the title 2020 Vision we didn't think that much of it but the global pandemic gives a new meaning to pretty much everything. The band introduced the song as "our musical interpretation of this year so far." The police sirens combined with the guitars give an outwordly start to what's more of an electronic composition. A change of sound for the band. Catchy and danceable.

They say when the times change you'd have to change along in order to survive. It seems like Stripped came with the new sound for the new decade and this is their way to cope with current situation. Often times change is a good thing. Changing for the better?

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