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Stolen City - Sparks (single)

Stolen City are a Dublin-based three-piece who pride themselves on their fun, energetic performances.Since the release of debut E.P ‘Stolen City’ two years ago, the young band have worked tirelessly to make their mark on Ireland’s independent music scene, with their upbeat pop-rock sound. Their main mission is to bring change to the music scene. In their own words "We see a big disconnect between bands and their fans nowadays, It’s as if once people get famous they can forget where they came from, We want to make sure that never happens to us and hope if we lead by example people will follow."

Their latest single Sparks talks about the excitement of a first love.  Lead singer Sean McGrath's powerful voice is accompanied by touching piano with drums joining in and creates the catchy pop sound, telling the classic story of " boy meets girl and they fell in love, thinking this is forever." The energy you get from the McGrath's vocal is contagious.  He's putting everything he has into expressing the emotions and he does that in a convincing but not intrusive manner.

An uplifting melody and easy-to-follow lyrics are the reason why Stolen City are constantly gaining followers.


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