Music from the Heart

Stewart - Broken Inside (single)

Have you ever loved something so much and people were saying you can't do it? Then this artist will inspire you to follow your dreams and keep believing in them. Stewart recorded his album to show the non-believers he can do it.

Stewart Duggan is an Irish actor/singer/songwriter from Kilkenny. He has been singing from a very young age and it was just the obvious step for him to continue writing songs and learning this vocabulary as a young writer and work with other amazing artists and create songs and have fun doing so.

Broken Inside is a first single from Stewart's upcoming debut album The Deleted Past that is still waiting for its release date. The singer plans to have 13 tracks on his album which is pretty ambitious for a first release. And also, the album is an international mosaic of artists from LA, New York, Toronto, Tunisia, Texas, UK and Ireland.

The single will be followed by an official music video.

Stewart's vocal has a unmistakable tone and his style is unique. The track itself feels quite depressing and the listener may feel like crying and giving up hope on love. When our relationships end there are times we may feel all alone and it's good to know we're not. Stewart says he wrote the song for anyone who may find himself in this situation with the thought it might help.

Musically the song has a potential and it perfectly fits the atmosphere in clubs. Just add a colourful light and the image is complete.

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