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Steelwood - The Smile Of Passion (single)

Steelwood was formed by Nikos Papaspyroulos, guitarist, composer and producer. It's basically a studio project consisting of session musicians. Having played a versatile repertoire from rock, alternative rock and pop with electric guitar and bass and studying the classical guitar and harmony, Nikos teaches at National Conservatoire in Athens, Greece.

Also, Nikos composes and performs at various halls solo or with other musicians, has composed music for 2 theatrical works and in 2009 and in 2010, won the International Competition for Composition organized by the International Art Society and the Foundoulis Music School in Volos, Greece, 2nd , 3rd Prizes and 1st Commendation in the categories of rock, funk-rock and solo instrument. Finally, between 2004 – 2008, he recorded two CDs with the main orchestra “The Guitarists" - “Libertango – Live at the Odeon of Herod Atticus” and “Historia de un Amor” with M.Fragoulis (tenor) E.Zervou(soprano) and E. Boudounis (guitarist, composer and conductor) labeled by “Eros music“.

Steelwood released their single "The Smile Of Passion" in september 2019.

You notice the skilled guitarist from the first chords of " Coming Home". What starts as a gentle ballad later turns into a proper rock tune with steady drumbeat and electric guitar having an important part in the song.  Slightly sad, perhaps homesick, tone of the song quickly changes as the song progresses. The lead singer's vocal range is shown in its entirety right at the end.  "i'm coming home now I can't stand another day..."

The title track, The Smile Of Passion, seems like it belongs to totally different world. The female vocal of Dia Yiannopoulou fits the chosen genre unquestionably. The overall vibe of this song differs from the previous one, this is a more romantic composition where the drums are still dominant but the keyboards create the right mood. We could say that love is a frequent theme in melodic rock but you don't see that many female vocalists.

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