Music from the Heart

Sophie Louise - Fly High (single)

Sophie Louise is a 17 year-old singer/songwriter from Brecon, south Wales.  She discovered the passion for songwriting at the age of 14, entering the biggest UK competition for aspiring musicians, Open Mic, at the age of 16 and ending up in the finals. She's determined to keep building her confidence and wants to try busking as well to challenge herself. She says she has no particular inspirations but she enjoys the works of Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley as well as Beyoncé.

Her debut single Fly High is a pleasant surprise for the listener. The melody starts gently with the piano, flows like a river and when the drums kick in it brings an imagine of wild waters in the wilderness. Sophie's vocal is mature beyond her years.

Sophie is currently working on her debut EP in River studios in Southampton. Mostly a vocalist, she is also a self-taught guitarist and pianist. A great talent worth checking out.

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