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SomeRiseSomeFall feat. Martin Leahy - Sign On My Mind (single)

SomeRiseSomeFall is a Cork-based independent community of songwriters, musicians and creatives. The ever evolving collective brings together artists and vocalists all with the aim to interpret & reimagine songs for unique new recordings. Their most recent album released in February 2021 was album of the week on a number of radio stations and was released to unanimously positive reviews. They hope to perform the album to live audiences later in the year.

Sign On My Mind’ the latest single, is from a 3-track EP “Merrengal” due out in July and features multi-instrumentalist Martin Leahy whose recent releases “The Wolves In The Valley” and “Song For Kirsty MacColl” have received heavy airplay.

Here Martin reimagines “Sign on My Mind” a song by legendary psych-folk band Dr Strangely Strange , written by Ivan Pawle which was originally released on their ‘Heavy Petting’ album in 1970 with Andy Irvine guesting on mandolin and a 16 year old Gary Moore. This new unique interpretation features Martin on Double Bass, guitar, pedal-steel, harmonium and sitar. FITZZ Records funds community projects with all proceeds going towards assisting organisations to  help those facing mental health and other challenges.

Martin Leahy's reimagination of Sign on My Mind has an eastern feel and the haunting vocals only add to the mysterious vibe of the track. The music transports you to some sacred temple where you're given time to forget the outside world and dive into your innner self. Leahy sings the lyrics like a mantra which keeps attracting the ears to its originality. With each listen there's another secret uncovered.

 Video: Allie Glynn

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