Music from the Heart

SomeRiseSomeFall feat. Martin Leahy - Merrengal (EP)

SomeRiseSomeFall is a Cork-based independent community of songwriters, musicians and creatives. The ever evolving collective brings together artists and vocalists all with the aim to interpret & reimagine songs for unique new recordings. Their most recent album released in February 2021 was album of the week on a number of radio stations and was released to unanimously positive reviews. They hope to perform the album to live audiences later in the year.

The proceeds will go to the charity A Lust For Life which is working on improving mental health and emotional development of schoolkids and teenagers. EP "Merengal" featuring a  long-time collaborator multi-intrumentalist Martin Leahy and is paired with a RoberHunter solo composition "Yellow Moon" and Martin's reimagining of the old traditional ballad "Jack A-Roe" which the creator of the project, Michael Fitzgerald, first heard played by the Grateful Dead on a bootleg tape in 1980.

It opens with a reimagination of Sign Of My Mind and in this case the track has a strong eastern feel and a mystical aura. Coupled with the haunting vocals it creates a hypnotic track that will creep into your head like a mantra, the tones and vibrations will make you feel good and cleanse your soul and your heart. It will perhaps make you a believer. In the power of music.

Yellow Moon has a brighter mood, a country-ish arrangement and the ligh-hearted delivery makes it an easy piece to listen to and not so hard to sing along to as well.

The trad roots are strongly felt in Jack A-Roe, it has pressumably British origin. The arrangement Martin Leahy came up with has a bluegrass feel, you can certain sadness in the vocal delivery which gives you a hint the story might not end up well, which is, in fact, the custom of these old ballads.

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