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SOMEFINN - Contact (single)

"It's been an exciting time.” says Paul Finn, frontman and songwriter for SOMEFINN. Since releasing their debut album, ‘…Tsk, Tsk…’, but especially since the release of their two singles, ‘Nobody’s Fool’, and ‘Starlet’s Dream’, they have seen rapidly growing interest in their unique take on alternative art-rock. “We have four gigs lined up this month. It's hard to believe - we’re really grateful for it.” 'Contact' marks the band’s third single from their debut album, a darkly alluring song about seeking connection. A highly percussive piece, Finn describes it as ‘tribal’. “It’s a passion cry, a crying out for touch.”

The composition has a bodily quality to it. The bass grooves persuasively, in tandem with Finn's outstanding signature vocal. It is a voice which is piercing and devastating, and a delivery reminiscent of the charming relentlessness of David Bowie.  "All I ask is an act of contact," he repeats in the chorus, different each time, pulling on the listener’s heart more with every turn

Paul’s humble manner of communicating is a lovely counterpoint to the complexity of his band’s music, and he is down-to-earth about the video, and the music his band created for it. "It's all got a nice feel to it, I think." he says humbly. "’Contact’ is about seeking connection with someone. With another person."

“It came from an old song idea, which has been through many iterations - the one thing that was consistent, no matter how many times the song was rewritten, was this cry: 'CONTACT'. That was the thing, then, to build the song around.”

The final piece in the puzzle of ‘Contact’, Paul ended up getting in touch with Arlene Caffrey, as well as director Darren Finn. Together, they sought to create a video which would celebrate human connection, which features a playful yet arresting performance from Caffrey.

'Contact' was recorded at Black Mountain Studios, Co. Louth. Mixing was done by Darren Clarke (Ham Sandwich), and mastering by Fergal Davis (Muse, Sinéad O’Connor).

Energetic layered track with a confident and autoritative vocal seems like a really good taste of what's to come. The song has a dark aura yet the vocal sheds a bit of light in. The ending sounds haunting as if from outer space.

"as senses fade the fire in your charm

The burn you seek, in deceit? is you could have pleased everyone

Is that your way, derail tradecraft emotion displayed

to spite the moonlight shake"

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