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Sofia Talvik - Too Many Churches (single)

Sofia Talvik is a Swedish musician and singer-songwriter. Her music often blends elements of folk, pop and Americana; she also uses a lot of acoustic instruments in her songs, including violins, cellos, trombones, and acoustic guitar. She released her debut album, Blue Moon, in 2005. Recorded and produced by Talvik herself, taking 40 hours to record. After that, she kept releasing new album pretty much every two years. Nowadays, she has about ten albums and various EPs to her name..

Too Many Churches is a timely song about pro-choice. Swedish songstress Sofia Talvik is peeking through the looking glass at the recent events in the U.S with the eyes of a spectator with a different perspective. The lyric video created for the songs shows some 40 different churches filmed from her tour bus window on a drive from Palatka, FL to Tuscaloosa, AL. And that’s not even all she passed on the way.
”I tried to film as many as possible, but sometimes I didn’t get the camera up quickly enough, or it was hard to film because cars were in the way”, Sofia says.
Still it paints a clear picture as she sings ”There’s too many churches, and too little love in this world today”.
You can ask yourself why a Swedish artist would sing about events so tightly associated to the U.S, but there’s a ripple effect in these things, and decisions like these effect all women worldwide, and maybe there is a special need for theoutside perspective to show that it’s not just about women in the U.S, it’s about women’s rights period.

The lyrics of this song are hard hitting and thought-provoking. The backing vocals from A Choir of Ghosts add another dimension to already serious theme, maintaining the listener's mind down to earth and making them realize the world isn't always such a pleasant place. Despite the heavy content, the melody is upbeat and the delivery is light yet poignant.

"And when I’m driving through the country
I see houses falling down
People living under bridges
But there’s five churches in that town

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