Music from the Heart

Sofia Talvik feat.Stiko Per Larsson - Take Me Home (single)

Sofia Talvik is a Swedish musician and singer-songwriter. Her music often blends elements of folk, pop and Americana; she also uses a lot of acoustic instruments in her songs, including violins, cellos, trombones, and acoustic guitar. She released her debut album, Blue Moon, in 2005. Recorded and produced by Talvik herself, taking 40 hours to record. After that, she kept releasing new album pretty much every two years. Nowadays, she has about ten albums and various EPs to her name.For her new release, a duet called Take Me Home, she teamed up with her longtime friend, singer/songwriter Stiko Per Larsson who has released 7 albums to date, the latest one, Fri fågel, came out this year.

Take me Home starts with the layered guitar and Larsson's warm vocal add a consoling element to it. Talvik's crystal clear vocal brightens up the tone of otherwise bittersweet lyrics. There is nostalgia and homesickness in the words but there is hope and light as well. The simple arrangement lets the two vocals take center stage. They compliment each other so well you wonder how come these two haven't done anything together before? This might be the first but not the last.

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