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Soda Blonde - Small Talk (single)

If the staggering vocals of this Dublin group sound familiar, it’s because they are. Soda Blonde was formed last year by four members of the critically acclaimed Little Green Cars, whose debut album (produced by Marcus Dravs) hit the Number One spot in Ireland and saw them gain a coveted spot on the BBC Sound Of poll. Now producing the music themselves, whilst also creating all the artwork and visuals, Faye O’Rourke, Adam O’Regan, Dylan Lynch, Donagh Seaver O’Leary’s new project finds them operating as fully fledged polymaths.Their debut EP, Terrible Hands which was released at the end of last year. In support of this, the group performed a series of sold out shows in their hometown, toured across Ireland and played 2 UK shows in Manchester and London, leading to them being asked to support Sinead O’Connor at her Iveagh Gardens show (now postponed to July of 2022). The band released a brand new EP during lockdown and they're now announcing their debut album Small Talk, to be released in July.

Wholly unafraid to admit her flaws and defiant in the face of the world’s misconceptions, O’Rourke litters the songs on Small Talk with tension, playing with the reliability of personal experience. While examining the intricacies of big subjects – religion versus science; good versus bad; fate versus choice – Small Talk also seeks to unpack O’Rourke’s own conditioning. Self-assuredness grapples with societal pressures, anger battles it out with contentment, and frustration with a divide – between personal relationships and the world at large – is ever-present.

The title track  is now coming out as a single. The track maintains the dreamy pop sound Soda Blonde is known for. Just a few seconds are enough for the listeners to get lost in the sounds, escape from the grim reality for a few minutes. Fay O'Rourke's other-wordly vocals instantly transport you somewhere else. She's inviting you to join her and the band on the journey. Quite literally as they are announcing Irish and UK tour. Check the details below. Tickets on sale now (check the band's website for details).

Soda Blonde Tour Dates:
August 13 - 15 Wild Roots Festival, Sligo, Ireland
August 27 + 28 SoFFT Nights, Co.Meath, Ireland
September 08 Mike the Pies, Co.Kerry, Ireland

September 09 Cyprus Avenue, Cork, Ireland
September 10 Dolans Warehouse, Co.Limerick, Ireland
September 11 Whelan’s, Dublin Ireland
September 19 Belfast Empire Music Hall, Belfast, UK
September 21 Broadcast, Glasgow, UK
September 22 YES, Manchester, UK
September 23 Sebright Arms, London, UK

July 17. 2022 Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, Ireland (with Sinead O’Connor)


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