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Soda Blonde - Holy Roses (single)

Soda Blonde was formed last year by four members of the critically acclaimed Little Green Cars, whose debut album (produced by Marcus Dravs) hit the Number One spot in Ireland and saw them gain a coveted spot on the BBC Sound Of poll. Their debut EP, Terrible Hands which was released at the end of last year. All four band members (O’Rourke, guitarist Adam O’Regan, drummer Dylan Lynch and bassist Donagh Seaver-O’Leary) are seasoned musicians, despite their youth. O’Rourke is the first to admit that when Little Green Cars called it a day, she felt lost. But a career shift for the four musicians wasn’t in the cards – and Small Talk is self-evident proof, different than anything the group have released before, but carrying on its back all the things they’ve learned.

Wholly unafraid to admit her flaws and defiant in the face of the world’s misconceptions, O’Rourke litters the songs on Small Talk with tension, playing with the reliability of personal experience. While examining the intricacies of big subjects – religion versus science; good versus bad; fate versus choice – Small Talk also seeks to unpack O’Rourke’s own conditioning. Self-assuredness grapples with societal pressures, anger battles it out with contentment, and frustration with a divide – between personal relationships and the world at large – is ever-present. With their previous single 'Small Talk' getting huge support and added to numerous Spotify playlists, such as New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, Soda Blonde are keen to keep the momentum going in the lead up to their debut album release on July 9th

About the new single  'Holy Roses' Faye says "So many of us use rejection as fuel to justify stagnancy or living in the past. Holy Roses provides me with some closure and I feel it’s one of the most important tracks on the album. I am directly addressing the people in my past who have hurt me in this song. The Rose is symbolic of war and the fleetingness of life and death. It also represents the fall of Christianity, which I compare not only to our country’s dying Catholic status but to the oppression I felt throughout my own personal and work life. Holy Roses is the moment of reckoning for me, in all respects. I’m letting go of the people who have hurt me and my oldway of living"

The band keeps raising the bar in anticipation of their debut album. And the hard work pays off, Holy Roses is their best release to date. Powerful, direct, razor sharp. Deep lyrics in contrast with the catchy melody, the vocals towering above and carrying a torch of a move forward. There are nice dynamic changes in the vocal, quiet, almost whispering in the verse and then loud, almost shouting in the chorus. All of us have experienced hurt in our lives and this song is a way to deal with the bad and turn it into something good, positive and long-lasting. And the music is a great form to cast the bad we've faced aside and move on.







The band also announces tour dates. You get the tickets here

August 13 - 15 Wild Roots Festival, Sligo, Ireland
August 27 + 28 SoFFT Nights, Co.Meath, Ireland
September 08 Mike the Pies, Co.Kerry, Ireland
September 09 Cyprus Avenue, Cork, Ireland
September 10 Dolans Warehouse, Co.Limerick, Ireland
September 11 Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
September 12 Whelan’s, Dublin Ireland
September 19 Belfast Empire Music Hall, Belfast, UK
September 21 Broadcast, Glasgow, UK
September 22 YES, Manchester, UK
September 23 Sebright Arms, London, UK
July 17. 2022 Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, Ireland (with Sinead O’Connor)

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