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SJ Talbot - Millisecond (single)

SJ Talbot is a 23-year-old pop artist from Clontarf, in the capital city of Dublin, Ireland. Her songs feature deep, soulful vocals, intelligently paired with high-calibre pop production. At an early age, Talbot was enrolled in musical theatre school, and went onto study at BIMM Dublin, graduating in 2020. No stranger to the Irish music scene, she has worked as a session singer and keyboardist for various acts over the last four years. In 2017, she began producing her own music, and developing her individual sound. In September 2020, she released her well received indie-pop influenced debut single, “Envy”, followed up in April 2021 by an acclaimed collaboration with Chris Short, ‘Flint & Steel’, and her second solo single, ‘Easy for Me’, in 2022. All signs show SJ Talbot to be ready to make her own remarkable contribution to the current Irish springtime in contemporary pop.

Some of SJ Talbot’s life-long influences include Duffy, Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone. Her music is inspired by indie-pop, electronic-pop and disco, and is reminiscent of the work of Agnes, GRACEY, CHIC & Nile Rodgers, La Roux, and Dua Lipa. She has been ruthless in pursuit of a tight and sweet pop sound. Her third single ‘Millisecond’ is a heartfelt ballad which moves the heart with the feet, and marks her as one of the most dangerously efficient new pop artists to emerge this year in Ireland and the UK.

It began in 2021. Visibly. Of course, in reality, Talbot has been meticulously preparing her sound for years, eventually gaining the attention of producer Geoff O’Connor (Gef), with whom she began working to create a kind of ‘pop with conviction’. Beginning with her debut single ‘Envy’, and a collaboration with Chris Short, in 2021, and then followed by her second solo single ‘Easy for Me’, she has gained a stronger response with every successive track, equalling tens of thousands of streams. Her attention to detail and to quality is already beginning to pay off.

Her third release starts like a racecar, confident claps give way to her carefully trained vocals. Smooth drums and a lovely tacet come just at the right time, the chorus hitting before you have to wait for it. Talbot’s vocals are, as always, laced with decadent harmony. Electric guitar courses through the track in the chorus, imbuing it with a feeling of delirium:

If you call again[…] I’ll be there in just a millisecond.”

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