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SJ Talbot - Easy For Me (single)

SJ Talbot is a 23-year-old Pop artist from Clontarf in the capital city of Dublin, Ireland. At an early age, Talbot was enrolled in musical theatre school and went on to study at BIMM Dublin, graduating in 2020. In September 2020, she released her well-received Indie-pop influenced debut single, “Envy”. Her collaboration with Chris Short, ‘Flint & Steel’, has garnered over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone. All signs show SJ Talbot to be ready to make her own remarkable contribution to the current Irish springtime in contemporary pop.
Her new single “Easy for Me” features deep, soulful vocals, intelligently paired with high-calibre pop production. Easy For Me is a refreshing danceable pop track with catchy rhytm and Talbot's vocal adding even more light. The tone of her vocal is pleasant to the ear and its depth might be a little unexpected, surpring for her age. The song shows her determination to make a mark on the music scene.
"You’re telling me you want more
But you and I know we’re wearing thin
You’re showing up at my door
Don’t even know why I still let you in, oh"

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