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Silked & Stained – Love On The Road

Silked & Stained is a hard rock band from Athens, Greece formed in late 2013. Most recent achievements were the 3rd place award at Warfield Competition organized by Metal Hammer Magazine Greece and Remedy live Club as well as playing live along big names such as Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart), Wild Rose, Hell in The Club, Outloud and George Gakis and many others  as opening acts, getting very good reviews in the process. 2016 found them at CFN recording studio recording their debut album with Dion Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels, Foray Between Ocean) as a producer, mixing and mastering engineer.

In 2017 Silked & Stained signed with Lions Pride Music (Denmark) for the worldwide release of their debut album "Love On The Road".

Bombshell is an explosive track to open the album with. The guitar riffs are impressive and song itself sets the direction for the album. The chorus is catchy and easy to follow.

Hold My Hand has a slightly different feel, more romantic but the unique sound of the band is still there. Perfect soundtrack for a hot summer night.

She's Not There once again kicks off with riffs that stuck in your head and as the voice comes in, the mood changes a bit. Although the theme deals with the end of a relationship, the overall impression isn't sad, it's at least hopefull. There is a strong drums feature but the vocal of the lead singer Bill Tsaklidis really stands out.

Anytime is another example of what these musicians are able to deliver. This time it's a powerful ballad that starts with the soft piano with a certain melancholy hidden in the song.

Rockstar summs up the whole thing, the attitude and probably the goals of these artists. An upbeat tune that leaves no doubt they know where their music is going.

For some, Greece may seem like a strange location for a rock band but these guys proof that if you've got a talent, it doesn't matter where you come from. Way to go!!

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